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SeU CSE with Java or Python Review Committee and Supporting Companies

A huge thank you to all the international experts who have supported the creation and review of the materials,

your comments are a major part of what makes

SeU Certified Selenium Engineer (with Java or Python) possible:

Boris Wrubel.jpeg

Boris Wrubel

Vienna, Austria

Software Test Allrounder and trainer for Selenium United - Certified Selenium Engineer

Marion Philippi.jpeg

Marion Philippi

Paderborn, Germany

Trainer for Testing und Requirements Engineering at trendig technology services GmbH

Björn Lemke.jpeg

Björn Lemke

Berlin, Germany

Managing Consultant and Trainer for SeU CSE at trendig technology services GmbH 

Jean Julien Hessouh.jpg

Jean Julien Hessouh

Cotonou, Benin

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at RightCom Technologies

Richard Seidl.jpeg

Richard Seidl

Cologne Area, Germany

Software, Technology and Future Enthusiast - Agile Quality Coach

Navneesh Garg.jpeg

Navneesh Garg

Sydney, Australia

Chief Executive Officer, ARN Emerging Leader 2016 - Winner, Author of 3 Books , IABCA 2015 Young Professional

Martin Cejas.jpg

Martin Cejas

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Administration of testing tools and test automation at Gestion.IT

Picture LinkedIn.jpg

Gastón Marichal

Montevideo, Uruguay

Senior Test Lead en QAlified

Guino Henostroza.jpeg

Guino Henostroza

Lima, Peru

Lean-Agile Software Product Management and Co-Founder of 3DEV Business & Consulting SAC


Ángel Rayo Acevedo

Madrid, Spain

Technical Lead Expert and Trainer at Netmind

Gerald de Vrieze.jpeg

Gerald de Vrieze

Nijmegen Area, Netherlands

Technical Test Engineer & AI Enthusiast with QoppoConsult

Norhayati Suzari.jpeg

Norhayati Suzari

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Founder of Testbits Sbn Bhd

Ezequiel Llarena.jpg

Ezequiel Llarena Borges

Madrid, Spain

IT Trainer & Software developer at Netmind

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