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Automation is our passion and we’re here to support software testing professionals around the world in becoming test automation engineers and achieve new levels of testing excellence. Through the use of Selenium, the most popular open-source browser automation framework, we’ll teach you the most relevant techniques for creating automated tests for web applications. It’s time to experience the most important concepts surrounding web application testing frameworks and manage your driver capabilities while exploring other high-level Selenium methods. Reach your test automation potential and join the leading international fellowship of Certified Selenium Engineers, Selenium United.

Selenium United

Selenium United

Selenium United
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Selenium United Webinar with SeU Master Trainer. Boris Wrubel - 13.08.2020

Selenium United Webinar with SeU Master Trainer. Boris Wrubel - 13.08.2020

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Message from Boris Wrubel, the German-Speaking Selenium United Master Trainer!

Message from Boris Wrubel, the German-Speaking Selenium United Master Trainer!

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Selenium United Testimonial Prathamesh Patwardhan

Selenium United Testimonial Prathamesh Patwardhan

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Selenium United Testimonial from Soumi Ghosh of Ensim India

Selenium United Testimonial from Soumi Ghosh of Ensim India

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What is Selenium?

Selenium is a suite of different tools meant for browser automation, including Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Although not limited to be used for testing web applications, it has become the most sought after tool by software testers. With support for all of the widely used browsers, it has also grown beyond just being another software testing library. It is backbone of countless browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks. The WebDriver interface introduced by Selenium WebDriver is under review for becoming a W3C standard, which would further increase its importance in the space of test automation.

Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE)

in Java or Python

SeU - Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) is a practitioner level course for testers involved in web test automation. The course covers Selenium as a browser automation library from the ground up. Test automation constructs and design are kept to a minimum to better focus on code constructs that enable usage of Selenium in a properly designed manner. This design-focused course, provides an un-diluted Selenium experience, focusing more on the critical Selenium concepts, which enables better real-life implementation in their daily work.


Marion from the Netherlands

“I’ve been self-studying and working with Selenium for the past year and I have been looking to take a certification to validate my skills. I first started looking for a generic test automation certification online. After finding several options, I decided to take the Selenium United – Certified Selenium Engineer (with Java) exam because it seemed to be more technical and practical (as opposed to only theoretical and process-oriented questions that I saw in other sample exams). While looking at the sample questions, I also felt like they were more complex and requested a more advanced level than other certifications, so I thought it would be more valuable for me to get the certification through SeU over the other ones I found.

What is different from some of the other certifications I have taken (ISTQB, Scrum, etc.) is that there is not an overload of material online. The syllabus is written at quite a high level and kept more to the point. The public sample exam only consists of 10 sample questions, so without taking a related formal training, there are a lot of unknowns going into the exam. However, I think that this creates a very good situation, as it makes it more challenging to pass the exam and therefore brings more value to your CV if you achieve this certification. In my opinion, Selenium United should definitely maintain this format.

I also really appreciated the way in which the questions were worded, as in coding there are usually several ways of accomplishing things, but the questions were focused on the ‘best’ and the ‘most recommended’ way of doing something. This is how a selenium engineer should think when they want to create a robust and performant framework. Overall, I would certainly recommend getting certified with Selenium United to my colleagues and am proud to have passed it!” 

Payel Biswas, Test Automation Engineer, IBM
I work for IBM and have done the Selenium United course as part of our reskilling program. This course is an excellent way to upgrade my skills and knowledge with the latest technologies in the field of automation testing.

I feel highly honoured and privileged to have done this course that has truly enrich myself in an ever-growing niche technology. I also feel great to pass the rigorous exam which tested my Selenium expertise to the fullest.

When I look back after a few years of my career with Selenium, I can proudly say that this was the course where it all began.


Nupur Chatterjee, Test Specialist-Automation, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

The training session conducted for SeU CSE (certified selenium engineer) by Verity Software had an adept syllabus that was structured in a very easy and digestible format. I was impressed with the energy and devotion of our trainer named Gaurav. It was evident that he was very passionate about what he did and his session was captivating. Gaurav really pulled out all stops to make the trainees gain the highest possible value from the incredible program.

It is also very clear that if you wanted to excel in selenium you need to put full effort to ace the game. The syllabus covered everything from the basics to advanced learning. The training program equips the candidates with an immense amount of knowledge and hands-on exercises. This allows us as participants to start putting our newly gained selenium skill to practice from the get-go.

I thank Selenium United and Verity Software for giving me this opportunity to become a part of the growing fraternity of selenium engineers.

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Take the Selenium United - Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) in Java or Python 3-day course with one of our official training providers.

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Certification Exam

Take the certification exam in English or Spanish with our certification body Brightest and become a Certified Selenium Engineer.

This hands-on certification course is an un-diluted Selenium experience. Rather than adding non-Selenium specific topics which shift the focus of the facilitator and participants, this course provides enough time for dealing with the critical concepts and applying the theory in a practical way. This ensures that participants can better apply the concepts in their work following the course.

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