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Automation is our passion and we’re here to support software testing professionals around the world in becoming test automation engineers and achieve new levels of testing excellence. Through the use of Selenium, the most popular open-source browser automation framework, we’ll teach you the most relevant techniques for creating automated tests for web applications. It’s time to experience the most important concepts surrounding web application testing frameworks and manage your driver capabilities while exploring other high-level selenium methods. Reach your test automation potential and join the leading international fellowship of Certified Selenium Engineers, Selenium United.


What is Selenium?

Selenium is a suite of different tools meant for browser automation, including Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Although not limited to be used for testing web applications, it has become the most sought after tool by software testers. With support for all of the widely used browsers, it has also grown beyond just being another software testing library. It is backbone of countless browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks. The WebDriver interface introduced by Selenium WebDriver is under review for becoming a W3C standard, which would further increase its importance in the space of test automation.

Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE)

in Java or Python

SeU - Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) is a practitioner level course for testers involved in web test automation. The course covers Selenium as a browser automation library from the ground up. Test automation constructs and design are kept to a minimum to better focus on code constructs that enable usage of Selenium in a properly designed manner. This design-focused course, provides an un-diluted Selenium experience, focusing more on the critical Selenium concepts, which enables better real-life implementation in their daily work.


Take the Selenium United - Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) in Java or Python 3-day course with one of our official training providers.

Certification Exam

Take the certification exam in English or Spanish with our certification body Brightest and become a Certified Selenium Engineer.

This hands-on certification course is an un-diluted Selenium experience. Rather than adding non-Selenium specific topics which shift the focus of the facilitator and participants, this course provides enough time for dealing with the critical concepts and applying the theory in a practical way. This ensures that participants can better apply the concepts in their work following the course.

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