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SeU Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) Prerequisites

Java Knowledge Prerequisites

The facilitator of the workshop will briefly cover relevant Java concepts as they are used in the course.

Please note that Java concepts cannot be fully explained within this 3-day course. An extra day may be required if these prerequisites aren’t met by the candidates.

Participants who are well versed with the following concepts would be able to focus on the Selenium concepts in a much better manner, without diluting their attention to understand Java constructs.

No direct core Java questions will be included in the exam.

  • Concept of main() method

  • Compiling and running Java code

  • Primitive data types

  • Class counterparts of primitive data types (e.g. Integer for int)

  • Arrays

  • Basic collections: List, Map

  • String formatting and manipulation

  • System.out and System.err

  • Conditional control structures: if/else/else if, switch

  • Looping Control structures: for (the 2 styles), while

  • Exception Handling – throw, throws, try-catch-finally, Exception hierarchy

  • Writing a Class with getter, setter and other methods

  • Constructors and Class instantiation

  • Class variables vs object variables

  • Access modifiers – public, private, protected

  • Class methods vs object methods

  • Enum

  • Packages

  • Overloading of methods

  • Inheritance

  • Abstract classes and abstract methods

  • Overriding of methods

  • Object Composition

Free E-Learning Video Tutorial Series for meeting the prerequisites of SeU CSE:

Basic knowledge of Eclipse is recommended

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